Hackberry, celtis occidentalis, is one of the worst named and least appreciated trees. They are truly magnificent full sized canopy trees that grace the forests of the Northeast and the world. The fruit they produce in copious amounts is bar none excellent wildlife feed. Hackberry's bizarre bark alone makes it worth growing, but there is so much more to these resilient native trees.

ā€” The Most Under-Rated Incredible Edible Tree by Akiva Silver

A word from author (me)

Procrastinating for months (or maybe an year now), I have finally decided to build something out of Hackberry. So here it is. A new space where I share my creations, work and hobbies. What will you find here?

Security Research & Hacking Tutorials

While all my exploits and vulnerabilities would still be available at https://0xcrypto.github.io, here you will find the articles (and probably videos) in a tutorial style manner.

Software, Web and Game Development Tutorials

Expect C#, PHP, Python, Golang, React Native tutorials. Maybe Godot too.

Game Assets and Electronic Music

Not many people know this, I have a wacom pen tablet and I can draw pretty well too. Music however, still learning, coming soon.

Freelance Development Services

If you are looking for a backend developer, I provide development services at reasonable pricing (per hour only).